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No doubt you, like us believe every garden and outside space should be unique and somewhere to be proud of.

Patios & Paving

Hard landscaping can dramatically change thee look and feel of an outside space and is an are in which we excel.

Artificial Grass

Artificial grass creates a low maintenance, lawn-like space for your home that will look great all year round.

Water Features

We specialise in the construction of stunning garden water-features, turning a garden into a thing of beauty.

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Are you considering sprucing up your outdoor living area? Look no further. We have the expertise for you. With over thirty-years experience we can transform drab exteriors into beautiful outdoor spaces at affordable prices.

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Question & Answer

Most common question about our services

Is landscaping costly??

Perhaps the most popular question we get. However every garden and every design is unique and tailored to your requirements and to your budget. Materials and site specifics play a part but we always aim to be competitive.

Do patios need drainage?

It is critical to ensure that water drains away from your patio into the soft landscaping (e.g. flower beds and lawns). We always create a proper fall away from the house using proper excavation and construction techniques.

Does artificial grass hold water?

No, not when it's installed properly. It is designed to be porous and if the sub-base is good the water should drain easily. We only ever use artificial grass that complies with BS7044 ensuring you have no water-logged areas.